Wednesday Feb 01, 2023

Which Countries Accept TOEFL Exam Score in 2022?


The Test of English for Academic Purposes (TOEFL) is a standard test used to assess students’ English speaking, listening, and understanding abilities. Most countries prefer students who are fluent in English.

As the world begins to recover from the Covid-19 pandemic, more space for freedom and awareness that the world can be more flexible than we think has resulted in numerous changes in norms and regulations, particularly in foreign education. So, we wanted to make sure that students studying for the TOEFL test don’t feel that their efforts will be in vain, and we wanted to notify you which universities and countries are still accepting TOEFL in 2022.

For college admission and work visas, TOEFL is accepted at over 10000 universities and other organizations in 160 countries, including the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, and France. Let us check out some of the top countries accepting TOEFL in 2022.

  • USA

    The TOEFL test should cost you around INR 15,500 and is available all over the United States and prepare you for face-to-face interviews at both college admissions and the US Embassy for work visa interviews. Your TOEFL score should be about 75 for regular US universities and more than 105 for premier schools like Harvard and MIT.

  • UK

    TOEFL is approved at 100% of UK universities, although it scores 10 out of 70 points for student visas. The number of Indian students in the United Kingdom is expected to rise by 100%, and TOEFL is a significant exam. Students should have a total TOEFL score of more than 70, with at least 17 in each section (reading, writing, hearing, and speaking). A student’s score must be between 110 and 120 for prestigious universities such as Oxford and it will cost around 17000 INR to take this exam

  • Canada

    All Canadian universities accept TOEFL results, and most of them prefer TOEFL to any other English language exam. In Canada, the TOEFL fee is expected to be roughly INR 15,000. Students will need a TOEFL score of at least 80 for undergrad and 90 for graduation at a quality Canadian university, with the highest TOEFL requirement of 108 for some courses at the University of Calgary.

  • Germany

    To take the TOEFL exam in Germany, students will need to spend roughly 13,500 INR, and any participating university would require scores of at least 80. There are over 100 centers in Germany where students can take the TOEFL test.

  • Australia

    All Australian universities accept the TOEFL test, and the exam costs upwards of INR 20,000 in Australia. Students applying to top Australian colleges will need a TOEFL score of at least 105, with the speaking portion of the test allowed to be taken from home.


Hopefully, this list will take you a long way in knowing the best countries to apply for TOEFL in 2022. As new policies for higher education are implemented in each country, the importance of the TOEFL test remains unchanged. The TOEFL Test is widely acknowledged as a credible English language test around the world, and it has several advantages over other tests in terms of convenience. Students should aim for a score of at least 75 on the exam and be prepared to pay an additional INR 10,000 to take it.


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