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How to Wear a Rave Crop Top in Style

rave crop tops

Rave crop tops are one of the most versatile items in any woman’s closet. They can be worn with anything from shorts to pants to skirts, and they’re also perfect for any season – from fall to spring to summer! Because of these benefits, rave crop tops are an essential item that every woman should own at least one of – if not several! Wearing the right style of a rave crop top for your body type can take it from plain to party-ready, though, so here are some tips on how to wear a rave crop top in style.

What Is A Crop Top?

A crop top is an item of clothing that covers only a portion of your torso. While they can be worn by both men and women, crop tops are most often associated with women’s fashion. The use of a crop top has long been popular in Hollywood. Some celebrities who have worn them include Kim Kardashian, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and Katy Perry. These days, however, they’re just as likely to be seen on high school students as they are on movie stars. These trendy tops come in all sorts of styles and colors. There are so many options such as a long sleeve crop top, short sleeve crop tops, and even a reflective crop top, keyhole crop top, and alien crop top rave.

Choose The Right Style For You

When selecting a crop top style, be sure to choose one that complements your outfit and body type. For example, if you are interested in wearing a keyhole crop top to a festival, consider pairing it with rave shorts or even simple white leggings so that it isn’t too over-the-top. If you have shorter legs like many women do, make sure that when you wear it with jeans or shorts (that’s long enough) there is enough of your leg showing so that you don’t look frumpy. You can also add edgy accessories and heels to complement the look. A pair of strappy sandals or short boots would look great.

Pair it with Choker Necklaces & Boho Earrings

One of the best pieces to wear with a crop top is a choker necklace. These pieces have been around since way before your parents were first going out, and they’re an awesome way to add some edge to any look! We’ve even seen celebrities wearing chokers lately, from Britney Spears to Kylie Jenner and Kendall Jenner all over their social media accounts. And, as far as other accessories go, try adding some boho earrings or long dangly earrings that will draw attention away from your shoulder and down towards your neckline.

Try-On All Sorts Of Outfits

When trying to figure out how to wear a festival crop top in style, it can be helpful to try on all sorts of outfits. Try on long sleeve crop tops or short sleeve crop tops, and consider pairing your new rave crop top with pants or shorts. If you’re going to an indoor event, try wearing heels or boots; if you’re headed outside, pack comfortable shoes and lots of sunscreens. Remember: The possibilities are endless! You can make any outfit look incredible as long as you put a little effort into finding outfits that suit your tastes and preferences.

Add A Long Skirt To Balance The Look

If you’re not sure how to wear a rave crop top, you can balance out its ultra-short length by pairing it with a long skirt. You can go either way here—either wearing a longer skirt that touches your ankles or going with a midi-length look. Either option is likely to soften up your look and give off an ethereal vibe. Alternatively, pair your crop top with some high-waisted pants or leggings that hit around mid-thigh in order to break up your legs and add another dose of interest to what would otherwise be an ultra-simple outfit.

Hold Your Accessories Lightly & Carry A Crossbody Bag

There are several ways to carry your accessories with a rave crop top, depending on your preference. Most rave crop tops have long sleeves, so it is easy to dress them up by holding your accessories in one hand and keeping them loose. If you decide to hold all of your accessories in one hand, make sure that it’s lightweight. Otherwise, you might end up looking like you’re playing an invisible violin or viola!


Because raves aren’t like other parties. They don’t have cover charges, dress codes, or VIP rooms—it’s just music and dancing on a huge sound system all night long. The thing that really sets raves apart from all other types of events is, of course, their fashion. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing alien crop tops at a rave, but you can also wear a long sleeve crop top rave as well. Just make sure your top has sleeves if you plan on dancing in it all night!

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