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Quick Guide To Help You Get The Best Food And Beverage Packaging Boxes

Food packaging boxes

Food and beverage packaging boxes are two things pretty and functional. While they are creative enough to grab customers’ eyeballs, they should be functional enough to provide protection. Packaging in the food industry is the main part of the production process, to become a successful seller or product packaging acts as an interface between you and the customer. Have you ever seen cake packaging in a dull and plain black box? No right! Nobody will like such packaging similarly, is a juice in the paper bag a good idea? We know it’s a blunder. That indicates how important it is to choose the best food and beverage packaging boxes, let’s understand:

What are the main elements to keep in mind while selecting food and beverage packaging?
The five main elements every high-quality packaging boxes must address.

Product Protection: Perishable and nonperishable food and beverage product packaging must be able to withstand transportation, handling, and distribution. High-quality packaging boxes such as wholesale bakery boxes preserve the condition of the product during distribution and transportation.

Product freshness: food and beverage products need freshness as much as possible. They must be able to withstand long shelf life irrespective of food or beverage recipe. If it doesn’t look good or fresh enough, you are going to lose your customers.

Product Containment: Food and beverage product packaging should have the ability to maintain handling during the packaging process, filling, sealing, and taping such as custom cereal boxes.

Product convenience: Convenience is the first goal of packaging whether food and beverage or other products. The must-have features like resealable options, easy to open, less hassle or messy for customers.

Product Safety: Food and beverage packaging boxes must ensure safety that means it should be able to reduce food hazards. From juice to butter to any other food and beverage products can catch contamination anytime during the supply chain. The packaging material must be able to withstand the safety of products till their consumption.

What are the various food and beverage packaging materials?

Packaging and container material of food and beverage products plays a huge role in achieving the five main elements of food and beverage packaging boxes. Here are a few packaging materials used:

Wood, paper, and cardboard: Paper and cardboard packaging materials are widely used for food and beverages due to their lightweight, affordability, and excellent printing quality. Companies can print creative messages to make their product attractive, they make the amazing product attractive. Paper material used for lightweight and dry products such as Custom snack boxes. While cardboard forms a layer of paper that makes it strong and thick used for bulky products.

Glass: Glass packaging is expensive and is used for products impermeable to vapors or gases. They are fragile and difficult to make. Mostly used for products like Wines, Sauces, etc. covered with Excellent quality Wine shipping boxes.

Plastics: Plastic materials are low cost and have been used over decades. Most food and beverage products use plastic as packaging material as they preserve and protect products for a longer time. Sometimes plastic and cardboard are combined to make boxes such as wholesale macaron boxes.

What are the trends in beverage and food packaging?

As time passes, various trends bring change in industries. Here are two significant trends in food and beverage packaging boxes:

Active packaging: These packaging materials allow the tracing of temperature, pH levels, etc. mostly suitable for perishable products.

Bio-based packaging: To reduce carbon footprints, these plastic packaging materials are fully or partially renewable such as wholesale bakery boxes.

Get the best Packaging material for your food and beverage products

Custom BoxEZ has everything you are looking for in packaging material, from cardboard boxes for instant use to cardboard boxes for longer shelf value. You can get the best-customized boxes at affordable rates, their varied designs in food and beverage packaging boxes give you a creative edge to provide attractive packaging to grab customers’ attention.


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