Thursday Feb 02, 2023

Android Tablets: Where to buy the best budget android tablet

Android Tablet

Android tablets, while wildly popular, can be really expensive too. The cheaper ones do not have enough features, and the expensive ones throw your budget out of whack. However, tablets provide a lot of convenience, especially if you wish to use one during a commute. They are easy to carry and perform almost all your laptop’s functions, which is great because you can carry a tablet instead of a laptop. Now that we are more reliant on technology than ever, tablets are becoming exceedingly popular. If you are searching for the best affordable Android tablets, keep on reading as we have some great products that will surely meet your needs.

Android Tablets to check out

iS-Tab 10 – Android Tablet: ($258.78)

iS-Tab 10 - Android Tablet

Can you believe that a great Android tablet with unique features exists for $258.78? The iS-Tab 10 is the perfect solution for people on a budget. This wonderful and affordable Android tablet is available in the US and Canada and two colors, Metallic Grey and Silver. The wide array of features in this laptop includes the high-performance Deca-Core Processor, 4GB RAM, and 64GB ROM, Fully HD 10-inch screen display, 6000mAh battery ensuring a running time of 6 hours, expandable memory up to 128 GB, dual cameras of 13 megapixels back and 5 megapixels front configuration, dual speakers, Bluetooth, multi touch screen, GPS, WiFi and much more. These features and the many more features jam-packed into this one tablet make it the best budget android tablet.

iS-Tab A10- Android Tablet: ($348.72)

iS-Tab A10 - Android Tablet

Another excellent and perhaps the best value Android tablet is the iS-tab A10 Android Tablet. This android tablet is laden with the best features to make your experience smooth and unhindered at a beautiful price. Updated with Android version 10, this tablet consists of 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, expandable to 128GB. Powered by the Octa-Core processor, this tablet functions much more smoothly. Further adding to its pros is the 10.1 inches full HD display screen with a screen resolution of 1920×1200 pixels. Backed by a 5000mAh battery, these affordable android tablets ensure a screen running time of 8 hours. Other features which make this tablet an impeccable choice include a dual camera of 13 megapixels back and 5-megapixel front camera configurations, GPS, WiFi, 4G/LTE, Bluetooth version 5.0, dual speakers, and a multi touch screen.

These excellent android tablets are the best budget android tablets in the market. If you are looking for a budget-friendly option without compromising on quality or features, these tablets are a must for you. Easily available on eBay and Best Buy, this tablet comes with a charger, OTG cable, and user manual so that you do not need to worry about figuring your way through this new device. While there may be multiple options available in the market, it will be fairly difficult to find a tablet that matches the features and the price point of this device.


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