Thursday Feb 02, 2023

5 Ways To Style With Human Hair Drawstring Ponytails

kinky curly wig

The ponytail is the hairstyle equivalent of the little black dress- goes with everything and on any occasion. It’s simple to do, but it has a lot of creativity and functionality, especially if you use a human hair drawstring ponytail. And just when you thought you’d nailed the art of making perfect ponytails, we’re here with even more life-saving advice. We’ve got some terrific ideas to take this style staple to the next level. Check out these amazing human drawstring ponytail ideas to try-

Laced Ponytail

Black ribbons that are crisscrossed are both romantic and gothic. Alternatively, the prettiest option is to utilize an antique necklace or chain belt. Wrap it around the base of a low pony’s tail. You can easily achieve this look with a human hair wig ponytail.

Boho Braid

This airy braid-ponytail combination would look equally lovely in a tranquil meadow as it would on your next Zoom call. The beauty of this ponytail is that there is no one-size-fits-all approach to styling it. You may also use golden wire to wrap a piece of your hair and allow your human hair bundles to take center stage.

Crystal Encrusted

A single string of crystals flowing down your head will add some sparkle to a clean pony. Use a string of crystals from the craft shop or an unclasped choker. If you’re aiming for a high human hair drawstring ponytail, add rhinestones to your combed baby hairs to make the appearance even more gorgeous. When placed in a line down the back of your head, pearls might also appear sweet.

Retro Pony

A traditional pony gets a playful ’60s vibe thanks to deep side swoops and a little bit of volume at the crown. You can also make a bubble pony using elastics to bring more attention to the design of a human drawstring ponytail. Flipped ends were one of the most popular hairstyles of 2019, and they appear to be sticking around for 2020. With a glam ribbon, you can really channel your inner ’60s Barbie.


Tendrils—those wispy bits that you used to wear to prom—are back. Pulling two longer strands from a polished pony gives your style a vintage touch while also framing your face. You can use human hair kinky curly ponytails to make them look more intense. Also, by adding crystals, this design may be more ethereal or glitzy. Use eyelash glue and tweezers to attach flat-backed rhinestones to the pony to get this style.

Wrapping Up

A tight pony is a supermodel favorite for a reason: it quickly brings a look together. To make the ponytail denser and voluminous, use a human hair drawstring ponytail. Also, do not forget to spray some hairspray on your brush before pulling your hair back to have an incredibly smooth finish. At Tamar Beauty Supply, you can find a wide variety of human hair bundles, wigs, and drawstring ponytails at the most cost-effective deal.


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